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Our Story

BUIKKI was founded in 2016, born out of our frustration in finding the best First shoes for our babies in Australia.

As all parents, we wanted the best for them, so we first started by looking for the most comfortable pair of baby walking shoes on the market. We knew paediatricians recommend barefoot walking, so we looked for soft sole shoes.
To our disappointment, our options were limited. The comfortable baby and kids walking shoes offered on the market were mainly leather soles. They were sweating their little feet and were not durable.

After some research we found out that rubber textured sole would provide more support and definitely would be more durable. Unfortunately, they were not as flexible, very hard to put on their feet, way too heavy and very uncomfortable for the kids to practice their first steps. 

This is when we discovered the KK FIRST SHOES with ZIP-AROUND DESIGN. They have already been on the market in Europe for over 20 years and back in 2012 they received the Forbes award for product quality. 
Made with real leather lining, durable and easy to clean microfiber and slip-resistant flexible thermos-rubber sole, they are the closest to barefoot walking.

Very easy to put on and off via the specially designed ZIP CLOSURE going all the way through the sole and a soft collar for additional protection around the ankles.

Breathable, comfortable, safe, and lightweight (a pair is less than 120grams) these shoes are the perfect choice for those most important first baby steps.

We are proud to introduce this high quality, unique and bespoke product to the Australian and New Zealand market.

Reneta O. & Reneta J.


  Reneta Owen - Co-Founder - Melbourne Office

  Reneta Jones - Co-Founder - Perth Office